The Latest Offerings from Fawkia

Recently exhibited at Pulse 2005



All details to of new pieces, such as dimensions and paper type to be found here

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A Flag for the World I.JPG

A Flag for the World II.JPG

A Flag for the World IV.JPG

Afterthoughts I.JPG

Arrival at Ephesus.JPG

Canadian Autumn.JPG

Cleo in Tarsus.JPG

Comparisons and Contrasts II.JPG

Complications I.JPG

Dawn in the Serengeti.JPG

Day Dreams.JPG

Diorama I.JPG

Diorama II.JPG

Diorama III.JPG

Diorama Interrupted.JPG

Diorama IV.JPG

Diorama V.JPG

Diorama VI.JPG

Evening in the Serengeti.JPG

From the Shroud.JPG

Further Complications I.JPG

Hallowed Shelter.JPG

Life Examined.JPG

Looking Out.JPG

Love and Hate.JPG

Pergamum the Invincible.JPG

Revised Map of the World I.JPG

Revised Map of the World II.JPG

Revised Map of the World III.JPG

Revised Map of the World VI.JPG

Revisiting Tarsus.JPG

The Beginning of the Great Journey.JPG

The Walls of Pergamum.JPG

Unforeseen Consequences.JPG