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Fawkia’s “Art as Stationery ™” range of journals, diaries and notebooks is conceived with unabashed exclusivity in mind. Every piece of Fawkia’s range of stationery items is the quintessence of uniqueness and individuality. Every piece is a one-off in every way and, due to the idiosyncratic nature of the artistic and inspirational processes, unrepeatable except in the superlative quality of the entirely manual process of bookbinding which is a feature of all the pieces.


It is Fawkia herself who carries out the entire process of bookbinding for she sees in the hand-making of her books the creation of a personal and portable gallery for her work, or even a usable and functional canvas, the creation of which she undertakes herself to ensure that the quality and design do justice to her art. She leaves it to the owner of the piece to further embellish the work with her or his thoughts and memories. They are invited to do so on the finest handmade paper. From the traditional hand-cutting of the pages to sewing them together to each other and to the cover by hand, the greatest attention is paid to every step of creating the books to ensure their unparalleled quality that will impart to them a lifetime of use.


However what truly makes Fawkia’s “ART AS STATIONERY ™ ” range so exceptional is the fact that each book will, for the final stage of its creation, be clad in a work of art that was hand-painted by the artist herself and of which there will only be no copies save the one in your possession. The piece would have been chosen from the artist’s repertoire for the purpose of exhibiting it on your chosen piece of stationery. In line with all Fawkia’s works, the piece is dated and signed by the artist.