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The concept - bookbinding meets art

Thoughts are, by their very singular nature, unique to the individual. Not only so, but it also true that every instance of their being committed to paper is no less remarkable. It is therefore befitting that whenever you care to express these precious and unique thoughts into words or drawings or whichever format you choose, that you elect to do so in a medium that equals them both in uniqueness and individuality.


To this end, the artist Fawkia has the pleasure of offering you the ultimate repository for your thoughts in the form of her “ART AS STATIONERY ™ ” range of notebooks and diaries, all of which are handmade by her, in her other capacity as a traditional bookbinder. Fawkia sees herself primarily as an artist with bookbinding as an extension of her art, and one that is no less important. She is an artist first and foremost and regards stationery as a very personal, as well as functional medium for the exhibition of her unique works. One can think of her journals, notebooks and diaries as the ultimate expression of private and personal art.